Shoppapy Fulfillment

SHOPPAPY provides a fulfillment service to helps online sellers to fulfill orders in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner. We handle their warehousing, packaging, customer service and returns for all orders, and deliveries across Africa.

We also offer a reliable express shipping from Nigeria to Ghana at affordable rate for all businesses.

Focus on sales and we will do the rest

We exist to enable online business to focus on customer acquisition and sales growth, while allowing all order management and logistics to be managed by one expert close to the end customer.

Reach extra customers

We enable online companies to reach a broad customer base in new regions with their products without the physical presence. Business owners and their customers can also benefit from affordable domestic and international shipping charges.

Our Services


Provision of storage hubs for inventory across multiple cities.


Tailored packaging service to give your customers an awesome experience.


Fast and reliable delivery of products to end-consumers

Our expertise guarantees you and your customers fulfilment.