Pricing & Payments

Looking for a reliable fulfilment partner? We offer flexible pricing to help your business scale. We also pay you cash collected on
your behalf.

Choose a plan that works for you

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$ 24.99 Month
  • Domestic Payment on Delivery
  • Weekly Payment
  • Weekly Update with report
  • Up to 50 Product Orders / month
  • 20+ Storage Hub Nationwide
  • Goods PickUp
  • Order Confirmation
  • Regional Storage and Delivery Agents
  • Customer Support


$ 59.99 Month
  • Period of payment: Twice a week
  • Daily live performance update
  • Unlimited Orders / month
  • 20+ Storage Network
  • Discounted delivery rate
  • Order Confirmation
  • Domestic payment on delivery
  • Customer Support
  • Goods Pickup

Optional Add-on Plans


You can subscribe to Shoppapy secure and neat packaging for all orders. Packaging can be customized to your business needs or according to your specifications. Additional charges may apply for customization. Packaging arrangements for large orders of large items can be discussed with your Shoppapy account manager.

Market Entry

Shoppapy is committed to supporting its clients and partners to meet all regulatory requirements including registering with bodies such as the Food & Drugs Authority (FDA), etc. This service will come at a cost determined by Shoppapy based on the services required. This is besides the cost charged by the regulator. 

Branding & Marketing

Shoppapy provides consultancy and support to businesses looking to brand and market their products in new markets or existing markets. The consultancy may involve market research, setting up traditional marketing channels, designing and printing labels, among others.


Sales Reimbursement/ Remittances

Shoppapy is committed to helping you grow by allowing you to collect cash payments from clients at the point of delivery. Shoppapy will reimburse its business partners (clients) periodically with all cash and electronic payments (including mobile money) collected on behalf of its clients. In cases where the business partner receives payments directly from clients, Shoppapy will invoice the business partner to receive its commission, delivery and packaging fees (if it applies)

Period of Payments

Every week for startup subscribers
Twice a week for enterprise subscribers

*All charges incurred in transferring payments will be borne by Shoppapy clients

Mode of Payments

Mobile Money
Bank Transfer
International Transfers are available

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